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- CABAL LANTERN - RESPAWN TIME 3 hours after killed ITEM NUMBER DROPPED 5~10x item dropped CHANNEL RESPAWN Channel 1, Channel 10 (Event), Channel 11 (Event), Channel 12 (Event) MAP RESPAWN Bloody Ice, Dessert Scream, Green Despair NOTE: 1 CABAL LANTERN ONLY PER MAP - CABAL LANTERN Drop list - Little Jack **common **

CABAL - Love and Lust: Craft Your Destiny! - ESTGames Costume Epic Converter Box (High) Old Magic Book (High) Bike Parts (Lv. 3) Bike Parts (Highest) Potion of Enhancement (5000) Force Gem Package (500) Gold Repair Kit Extreme Core Pocket (Unique) Slot Extender (Highest) Essence Rune (Ignore Penetration) Essence Rune (Penetration) Rune Slot Extender *Box of Love and Box of Lust are account bound ... Top Guide Cabal Online: 2011 [Updated to version 1.51 as of 8/10/10] Greetings Euros, I started a project a little while back of making a calculator with every skill and an easy user interface and now I am prepared to release the third version here. Cabal 2 Slot Item Drop Nedir - Cabal 2 Slot Item Drop Nedir; You can only use the same grade option scroll for the item's grade. On cabal 2 slot item drop nedir the secrets of stonehenge slot machine picture you can see how Slot Extender Low (SEL) looks.. Cabal Slot Extender Drop -

This is drop list. Coz got ppl said... - Cabal Casanova ...

Pumpkin Mayhem Level Rewards. ... Drop List; CABAL Lantern Forgotten Ruin, Lakeside, ... Slot Extender (High) 1: Upgrade Core (Highest) 1: NEW UPDATE - Part 3 - MN Cabal Online

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Drop List Cabal Titanium Set * Force Core (High) * Upgrade Core (Medium) * Titanium slot (any type.* Blue Feather * Upgrade Core High * OSM Armor/Martial suit [0][1]* SG.TG and Mystic sets [1] * Bike Key * Slot Extender High * EoX+7 Bloody Orc & Bloody Orc Mage * Lapis Orb/Crystal [0][1] * SOD * Temple... Cabal Drop Listesi

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Result Weapon You can restore back to the Original appearance Epaulet with Slot Granting Property for Epaulet Property List Extracting […] Mr. Wormy November 19, 2011 1 Comment Cabal Expansion Part V Vanarchy Guild: Cabal Drop List